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One family

Iconic figures in the hospitality sector for three decades, involving across three generations. Established in the 1990s by Nathalie Esnée, this family-group functions as both owner and operator.

We combine tradition with innovation, striving to perpetuate our family legacy while staying responsive to the evolving needs of our customers and to the hospitality industry.

A contemporary team

We take pride in our committed and passionate team, consistently attuned to our clients' needs. Aligned with contemporary trends, our team embodies modernity and commitment to provide excellent service. Their enthusiasm shines through in every interaction with our clients, creating an authentic and memorable experience. Our aim is to remain responsive to the evolving expectations of today's world while exceeding traditional standards in hospitality service.

Strategic locations

Our company stands out for its thoughtful selection of hotel locations. We have strategically positioned our facilities in and around vibrant city centers, along picturesque coastlines, and in close proximity to airports. This carefully considered approach aims to provide our guests with unforgettable experiences, whether they are traveling for business or leisure. We firmly believe that location is key to delivering exceptional service, and we are committed to maintaining this excellence across our various destinations.


We distinguish ourselves through our commitment to hotel art design. Our hotels and restaurants are the result of inspired collaborations with talented architects, driven by a genuine artistic aspiration. Each one bears a distinctive imprint that blends aesthetics and functionality, providing our guests with a unique experience during every stay. Our passion for architectural innovation translates into exceptional spaces where art, comfort, and elegance converge to create unforgettable memories.


Studio MHNA has reimagined coastal aesthetics with a contemporary approach for our Holliday Inn hotels. The use of natural materials creates a warm atmosphere conducive to relaxation, thus celebrating the Azurian lifestyle and escapism.


Marine Casanier orchestrated the creative process of designing spaces at Jugaad and Uma Nota, playing with colors, light, circulation, materials, and perspectives, ensuring coherence from the sketch phase to completion.


Constantly staying abreast of new technologies, business innovations, and social changes, Ramy Fischler raided the experience of Hilton Canopy through an innovative approach, a multidisciplinary perspective and personalized solutions.


Samy Chams maximized the natural light in Marea, creating a clear and soothing atmosphere through the use of natural materials to establish an organic ambiance. Each carefully chosen element provides an inspiring experience, staying true to the spirit of the South.

Creative minds

We believe in the power of art to elevate the experience of our guests. Our hotels stand out for their commitment to art, showcasing talented artists, whether emerging or established. Through biennials, collections, and collaborations with collectors, we incubate art and nurture creativity. Our constant desire to work with creative and inspiring partners reinforces our reputation as a destination where art and hospitality come together to provide unique and enriching stays.

Charles le Hyaric

Lettre à la mer

Emile Degorce-Dumas

Sunset Catcher

Guillaume Aubry


Jennifer Douzenel


Josèfa Ntjam

Dans la gueule de la tortue

Mathilde Denize

Set up for future exhibition

Mehdi-Georges Lahlou

Inside the palm trees

Nazanin Pouyandeh


Nefeli Papadimouli

Objets Témoins

Thierry Lagalla

Holeways On My Mind

Thomas Hauser

Deep in a Calm as in a Storm

Julie Benatar

Histoires de murs

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Step into our living environments

We develop a portfolio of hotels and brands that we are proud of, fostering work environments where teams take pleasure in serving their customers.

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Projet • Home bis Holiday Inn


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Capitalizing on opportunities

A family-oriented player with a human-focused approach, committed to your structure.


Building by humans

Our team is composed of passionate and dedicated professionals, ready to guide and support our talents on a daily basis, facing challenges that come their way.

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